Intro to Bible

The truth is that every reader of the Bible interprets it; the only question is whether or not you will be any good at it. This course is both an introduction and an equipping time so that students might accurately handle the Word of Truth. This course is developed to help students examine and , if need be, alter the "lens" through which one interprets & experiences Scripture.

We will learn and be in dialogue with the classic evangelical interpretative skills of the church and how they function within our community - one that deeply values both the Bible and God's ongoing communication with His church.

Foundational Theology and Church History

This course is designed to primarily use the Bible to lead the student on a discovery and articulation of basic theological foundations of the Christian faith. As well as give the student an introductory overview of the development of these Theological principles within the context of Church history.

Kingdom Theology and Identity

This course is designed as an introduction to Christ's teaching of the Kingdom as it relates to the self-concept of individuals and the church at large. The core objective of the course is to convince students of the "royalty" they possess as children of the King and mobilize them into the holy, supernatural lifestyle that flows from such a self-awareness.

The Supernatural Nature of the Gospel

This course is designed as a "do and teach and do" course. There will be demonstrations of God's ability and willingness to move in power with and for His people. It will highlight the Biblical basis, emphasis and necessity of the supernatural in the furtherance of the Gospel. There is extensive examination of the life and teachings of Jesus as the prototype for the ministry of the believer. His intimacy, dependence and expectation are the blueprint for the Christian life. Keeping in step with the Holy Spirit as the apostle Paul commands will result in a naturally supernatural lifestyle.

Prophetic ministry in the life of the church

This course is designed to give students and overview of the purpose of prophetic ministry, a historical understanding of prophetic ministry in the Bible, the characteristics and creation of a healthy prophetic culture, and practical training in operating in the spiritual gift of prophecy.

Spiritual and Community formation

Spiritual Formation and Community is designed as hands on learning experience for students to put into practice the disciplines they are learning in school. i.e. prayer, worship, community, study, words of knowledge, prophecy, healing, etc.

Outreach/evangelism practicum

This course is designed to train students in areas of service, ministry and evangelism to and for our community. The goal is to develop competency and confidence in bringing the love and life changing power of God into respectful, loving encounters with individuals so as to bring them to a saving connection with Christ and to contribute to city-wide transformation.